Hair Loss - Understanding Underlying Hair Loss Cause

Women Hair loss is something, which is now becoming more common and many women would like to know how you can prevent that & what treatments are available. Though it is not preventable, and it is very important that you know what causes loss of hair. To do you have to recognize growth of hair.

Tresses generally, grow at rate of a half inch every month with every hair having growth phase of 2 to 6years.  When hair rests, it can eventually fall & follicle can start to grow the new strand and it is the cycle, which continues in senior years for all.

For others, hormones group named as androgen's can interfere with natural process.  The androgen hormones that include testosterone, dihytestorserone and androsteinedione.  People who are susceptible will fall victim to testosterone when comes in touch with enzymes that are resting in hair cell.  It is converted in potent androgen that can ultimately blind with the receptors.

What it means is at time excess build up potent androgen in follicle cause you shrinkage that alters natural resting & growth phases of your hair.  Thus, the hair loss can get evident for the women sooner than it was expected.  Few of follicles can die and others may become incapable to make and maintain the healthy growth of hair. In clinical salons that will take around 6 months to 1 year to see the results.  Also, with Hair Growth 50 products, you may have the healthy & strong hair at the fullest in 5 months.

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